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Touch screen demand reached 122 million in 2016

2017-04-26 14:35:00 Editor:MICRON 2

  DisplaySearch Shanghai Office, July 5, 2010---According to the latest 2010 Touch Screen Market Analysis Report released by DisplaySearch, the global touch screen output value reached 43 billion US dollars in 2009 and increased to 14 billion US dollars in 2016, a compound annual growth The rate increased to 18%.

  According to Jennifer Colegrove, Director of Panel Technology Research at DisplaySearch, touch screens are growing rapidly in handheld devices such as mobile phones, multimedia players, and navigators. In the next few years, we can see that large touch screens will have a good growth, such as AIO PCs, netbooks/tablets, education and training, public information billboards and self-boarding. Touch screens have become a multi-billion dollar industry and are still experiencing high growth. This is the main factor that people pay more attention to the touch industry.