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&quot;OGS touch screen&quot; leads the trend of the times

2017-04-26 14:35:00 Editor:MICRON 1

Our company will launch OGS (single glass touch solution) touch screen, pencil touch screen technology; OGS (a glass solution) will be protected on the glass directly forming ITO glass conductive film and sensor technology. The dual function of a piece of glass and protective glass and touch sensor, and the function of touch screen is beyond the traditional, OGS is not only a new plan for touch panels, but also a trend, which is synonymous with the future high-end TP market.

The perfect combination of ITO and protective glass will give your products a lighter, thinner and newer quality. The traditional capacitive screen is better than the stacked structure, the OGS capacitive screen will greatly increase the light transmittance, the display is more colorful, the colors are more vivid, and people bring a new visual experience. The rich appearance brought is the center of charm, lightly passing through the nails, cleverly in the palm of the world, who is not crazy? However, the high-end quality of a man has never been mastered.

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