Our Strengths


The company was established in Shenzhen in 2011, and is the top domestic R&D and manufacturer of capacitive touch technology.

The company has an independent technology research and development team, independent research and development, production and sales of super-large metal mesh copper capacitive touch screen, is the first 86-inch Metal Mesh mass production manufacturer in China, we focus on smart education, smart business, smart retail, smart medical, etc. The touch application in the field of human-computer interaction terminal equipment is in a leading position in the industry. 

The company's feature is that in addition to the design and manufacture of metal mesh technology accumulated over the years, it also extends to the field of MiniLED application technology using metal mesh technology.

Our commitment is to continuously devote ourselves to product innovation, improvement and perfection, and to provide customers with cost-effective and high-quality products.


   1. Technical advantages of existing products

Lines are invisible: Metal Mesh technology, the line width and line accuracy of 

the visible area can be less than 10μm, and the size can reach 110 inches.

Narrow border: The technical capability of border line width and line spacing can reach 10/10μm, and currently it can reach 30/30μm.

Strong anti-interference ability, high stability, strong flexibility, and resistance to bending.

Touch sensitive (high reporting rate > 120 points) and high precision.

It supports super-sized GFF touch screen stacking, which can realize narrow 

border and no border.

Long service life (>60 million times).

The only oversized touchscreen that can pass environmental testing.

Waterproof and explosion-proof design.

   2. Fill in the six global technology gaps

The world's first large-size 86-inch flexible touch screen: it can realize special 

application environments such as flexible bending, wrapping, and irregular 

curved surfaces.

The world's first waterproof touch screen: can realize underwater touch, strong 

anti-interference ability, low resistance, sensitive touch.

The world's first medium touch screen larger than 10mm: there are special 

requirements for explosion-proof grade, which is more than the touch screen of 

banks and military systems.

The world's first 110-inch touch screen: The super-sized capacitive touch screen is a subversion and innovation of technology, replacing the original infrared 

process and ITO indium tin oxide process, and does not require multi-piece 

splicing to achieve a single-chip capacitive integrated touch.

The world's first projection touch screen: a low-cost integrated solution to realize touch on projection without the investment of LCD screen.

Supports ultra-fine active and passive pens (precision writing): can support up to 2mm from the tip of the pen.

   3. Sample trial available

The company also supports product sample proofing.

Customers can purchase with confidence after trial production verification and 


   4. Professional customization

The company can tailor-made products according to customer requirements.

The company can not only customize the touch screen, but also support the 

full-fit service of the whole machine.

   5. Perfect high and low temperature performance

The company's products have perfect resistance to high temperature and high humidity. The products have been tested in a constant temperature and humidity test box for more than 400 hours in a high temperature and high humidity environment of 85 °C, and they can work normally after the test. Through actual testing, we ensure that our products can work stably in special environments.

   6. High standard management system

The company's production advantage lies in the perfect quality management

system and environmental management system, in line with ISO9001 and 

ISO14001 management standards, in addition, the company also complies with IATF16949 automotive industry and ISO13485 medical equipment and other 

quality system certification.

   7. Patented technology

The company currently has more than 300 independent intellectual property

rights and 150 invention patents, which are constantly increasing.

   8. International certification

The company's products have passed CE, FCC and other international

mandatory safety certification and RoHS and other environmental protection 


   9. Import of raw materials

Most of the company's production raw materials are imported raw materials, so

the products have good stability and durability.

Customers buying our products will bring profits to customers.

If there is a problem with the product, it will not only be unprofitable, but also lead to risks such as delay in production and delivery.

Based on the long-term consideration and the policy of making defective products less likely to be released, we are working hard to manufacture products that meet safety standards and minimize product costs.

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