Soft-to-Hard Lamination(GFF)

The sensor pasted with the OCA film and the cover glass are bonded together, commonly known as soft-to-hard bonding.

The equipment generally used is a semi-automatic vacuum laminating machine. The cover glass and the sensor glass pasted with OCA are manually placed on the corresponding table of the equipment. After the CCD (charge-coupled device) is automatically aligned, it is added in the vacuum chamber. Press and lamination, in order to effectively remove the air bubbles in the lamination after lamination, the product should be placed in a defoaming machine for defoaming.

Material Characteristics

OCA is a kind of PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive), which is a highly transparent optical adhesive and a pressure sensitive adhesive with a transmittance >99%.

The main factors affecting the paste effect are: surface roughness, surface contamination (grease, cleaning agent, water, dust, fibers, etc.), bonding time, pressure, temperature, etc.

The upper and lower protective films of the colloid are called release liner. When using, you must first tear off the light release layer and then paste an object, and then tear off the heavy release layer and paste it on another object.

The weight of the release (or release force), the force required to tear off the release layer (under unit length),

Of the two sides of the OCA, the one with the larger release force is the heavy release.

OCA film characteristics: good light transmittance (above 90%), good temperature resistance; excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, and good processability.

The touch screen glass is mainly chemically strengthened glass, and its glass material is a special sodium silicate glass material, which improves its own strength through sodium-potassium ion exchange to achieve the purpose of glass strengthening, and the impact resistance and surface hardness are significantly improved.

Lamination Method

For example, our products use the metal grid GFF bonding method, the surface is glass, and the bottom is optical glue + Rx electrode and optical glue + Tx electrode.


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