Touch Table

With the development of intelligent products, smart touch table integrates Metal Mesh capacitive touch screen, software and hardware. It can be operated through touch system and can realize various functions with the help of Internet technology.The touch screen of the smart touch table is sensitive, safe and convenient to use. People can browse and query all kinds of information by touching the graphic marks on the glass screen with fingers, forming interaction and realizing the linkage between human vision and touch. It has a variety of applications, the desktop can change dazzling effects with the movement of objects, fish swim over which increases the fun of use. It can also be used as a platform for design, play games, view maps, browse photos, view 3D models, surf the Internet, order food, watch movies and TV shows, and your fingers are the mouses. The multi-touch function can support multiple people to play and work at the same time. It is an active table and a table that can interact with people and machines.

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