Smart Traffic

Today, high-tech products such as "Urban Rail Transit Smart Display" have begun to appear in our real life. For example, the subway car adopts transparent smart windows, equipped with smart windows. The ultra-thin full lamination technology embeds the touch operation layer in the insulating glass. Each transparent window system is equipped with a 4G/5G module and an internet card, to provide Internet access. The transparent car window comes with capacitive touch function for human-computer interaction with passengers. As long as you touch the car window, you can watch videos, read news, visit online stores, and learn all kinds of real-time information, query train operation information, rail transit transfer information, road traffic congestion information, weather forecast information, emergency service information, etc. In addition to subways, in rail transportation applications such as high-speed rail, light rail, tram, monorail system, and automatic passenger rapid transit system, the demand for smart touch display terminals is also growing.

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