Teleconferencing has become the new normal, MICRON capacitive touch screen opens a new "vision" of smart business


In the past two years, under the influence of the epidemic, the way people work has changed, and telecommuting has gradually become a trend, which has also spawned more new scenarios and needs for collaboration. In this context, the advantages of telecommuting have become increasingly prominent, and remote meetings have become an indispensable communication method at work. The demand for intelligent deployment of enterprises has exploded. However, how to realize a more intelligent, efficient and convenient remote conference method has also become a problem that plagues business owners.

It can be seen that the change of remote conference is coming. In a remote office scenario that is not limited by time, space and region, the first thing that enterprises need to solve is the problem of efficient communication. Whether it is high-level meetings, regular department meetings, corporate training, remote customer solution explanations and other scenarios, there is a great demand for intelligent remote conferences, and the touch display solution that can provide convenient, efficient, flexible and intelligent remote conferences will continue to be Favored by enterprise users.

On the basis of insight into the remote conference scene, as a domestic capacitive touch solution service provider, MICRON adheres to the business philosophy of high standards, fine craftsmanship and high quality. The industry-leading capacitive touch technology, Metal Mesh, replaces the traditional ITO and acts as an XY sensing line, providing new ideas for touch screens and helping to create a better experience for remote meetings. As an innovative technology, Metal Mesh has the advantages of excellent electrical conductivity, flexural resistance, high stability, strong anti-interference ability, low square resistance, and excellent cost compared with traditional ITO films. Its high transparency and surface conductivity make it suitable for large-size touch screens.


Based on the new "trump card" technology, the company has successfully independently developed, produced and sold super-sized Metal Mesh copper capacitive touch screens. In business meetings, the metal mesh touch screen can achieve both a good display effect and an immersive experience, which greatly improves the remote meeting experience. All kinds of charts, data, documents and other materials required for remote video conferences can be presented in high-definition and high-quality, and the high-definition and smooth transmission to every participant can fully mobilize the enthusiasm and communication desire of the participants, thereby improving the efficiency of the conference. Improve meeting quality. The company can also provide a full range of 32-inch-86-inch product lines and perfect pre-sales and after-sales support according to the actual needs of customers, so that customers can enjoy a high-quality cooperation experience.


At present, smart changes have quietly arrived in our business office. Smart devices not only help to shorten the distance between users, but more importantly, they can provide the experience of meeting together, not only to ensure the normal operation of remote meetings, but also to On this basis, efficiency can be improved and experience optimized. In the future, MICRON will continue to make use of advanced technological achievements - metal mesh touch screen, strive to build efficient remote conference screen display solutions and technical services, collide with more beautiful office experience, and further promote the upgrading of smart business, Help enterprises to accelerate in the new wave of intelligent deployment and ride the wind and waves.

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