The first high-tech enterprise capable of producing the largest size capacitive touch screen in China


On February 9, two workers worked together to move an 86-inch touch screen off the operating platform in the Songbai electronics production workshop in the High-tech Zone.

At present, this is the first high-tech enterprise capable of producing the largest size capacitive touch screen in China.


Songbai Electronics settled in the Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Development Center of Zibo High-tech Zone in 2021. The company independently developed the first 86-inch metal grid copper multi-point capacitive flexible touch screen in China. Mainly used in smart phones, tablet computers, smart wearables and other terminal equipment and in-vehicle touch, military touch, smart home and other fields, through the integration of innovative solutions of the latest IT technology, it can greatly improve people's experience in conferences, demonstrations, exhibitions and exhibitions. , communication efficiency in applications such as interaction, activity, industry command, deployment, etc.


The super-sized touch panel technology adopts the MetalMesh copper process route, and the metal copper on the PET surface is made into a very fine grid-like conductive circuit through the yellow light "subtraction" process, so as to realize the X/Y electrodes required by the touch technology. The shape line diameter reaches 5-8 microns and the surface is blackened, which is indistinguishable by the human eye, thus meeting the requirements of the touch panel.

MetalMesh can support full-size products in the touch industry, the sensitivity can support writing with a diameter of 2MM pen tip, the response speed can reach within 5ms, the product stability is strong, and it can pass the most stringent dual 85 reliability test in the industry, with a service life of up to 10 Years of industrial-grade quality, especially in high-end products and industrial products, it has an irreplaceable position. The bendable characteristics can meet the current "folding" concept of consumer electronic products, and the ultra-low resistance and anti-interference ability can perfectly meet the needs of various scenes to be used.


Songbai Electronics MetalMesh technology currently breaks and surpasses foreign production and manufacturing technology, and is working closely with scientific research institutions such as Japan's Panasonic, Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Taiwan's doctoral team.

The core technology of Songbai Electronics has filled the five major components of the world's first flexible touch screen, the world's first waterproof touch screen, the world's first 110-inch touch screen, the world's first media touch screen larger than 10 mm, and the world's first projection touch screen. Blank, is the world's first manufacturer to achieve mass production of 70-inch, 75-inch touch screens, and MetalMesh above 86 inches.



More than 300 patents of the company have won the American ces award, and the products have broken the five-year monopoly of South Korea's Samsung on the domestic market and filled the domestic gap.

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