The production capacity of MICRON Zibo Factory "Songbai Electronics" increased steadily


At present, "Zibo Songbai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd." of Micron's Zibo factory is focusing on the epidemic prevention work, and at the same time, it is confident and proactive, and it is full of horsepower to grab production and orders, move towards the production goal, and start the resumption of production." acceleration".

"Since the epidemic prevention and control, our company's production has been severely challenged. Zibo High-tech Zone has issued passes for employees, so that employees can arrive at work in time, and production is basically unaffected." On the morning of March 24, Su Wei, chairman of Songbai Electronics, said The reporter said that with the strong support of the Zibo High-tech Zone Working Committee and Management Committee, the company has resumed production across the board and stabilized customer orders.

Songbai Electronics is a manufacturing base built by MICRON in Zibo according to market development and market demand, mainly to meet customer needs and better serve customers. Recently, the epidemic has affected the normal production of most enterprises in the industry. If the order cannot be delivered on time, it may be "transferred". In order to ensure that the products are delivered on time, the company, while doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control, has been working hard to seize time and make orders. A strong atmosphere of spring and vigorous production is coming.

In the dust-free workshop of Songbai Electronics Clean Factory, the large-size touch screen production line is busy, the machine is running at high speed, and the employees in white clean clothes are operating the equipment worth tens of millions of yuan in an orderly manner to produce and process 86-inch large-size capacitive touch screens. , a busy scene. It is understood that Micron's ultra-large Metal Mesh metal grid copper capacitive touch screen technology has won the CES award in the United States. The product has broken Samsung's five-year monopoly on the domestic market and filled the domestic gap. Su Wei said: "At the 2019 CES International Consumer Electronics Show, we are very proud to be on the podium as a Chinese company. At present, the product has been developed to the fourth generation, and the intelligent interactive touch in tens of millions of classrooms and conference rooms around the world. All-in-one machines will have the opportunity to match our touch screen, and our Metal Mesh capacitive touch screen will also give every user an excellent experience. Especially after 2020, the market demand will increase greatly, and our orders will also be We are overwhelmed, and our orders have been placed in October."

However, the sudden outbreak interrupted the rhythm of production. Since March 11, the closure and control of the community has prevented employees from rushing back to the company to work, and the progress of product delivery has been affected to a certain extent. In the current environment, the steady and continuous improvement of the production capacity of enterprises is inseparable from the support of the government. In order to resume production in a timely manner, the relevant staff of Zibo High-tech Zone applied for passes for employees to solve practical difficulties in material demand, logistics and transportation, and escorted Songbai Electronics to resume production and production, resulting in a steady increase in production capacity. Su Wei said that with the great help of the Zibo High-tech Zone Working Committee and Management Committee, the company's production has not been affected. Production with quality assurance.”

At present, Songbai Electronics orders continue to increase. In response to the current complex and changeable economic situation, the company will actively develop new customers and continue to produce new products, so as to win the opportunity for enterprises to catch up in the face of adversity.

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