32-inch Metal Mesh Capacitive Touch Screen

Metal mesh capacitive touch technology uses advanced etching technology to densely distribute copper and other conductive metals and their oxide wires on the conductive layer of the PET substrate to form a very fine and regular mesh transparent conductive electrode film. It has excellent electrical conductivity, high transparency and touch sensitivity, and realizes the signal transmission function through inductive touch based on the bonded conductive electrode film.

The metal grid capacitive screen works the same as the ITO capacitive screen, and different conductive circuit modules are etched on the two layers of conductive material coatings. The patterns etched on the two modules are perpendicular to each other, and they can be regarded as sliders that change continuously in the X and Y directions. Since the X and Y structures are on different surfaces, a capacitive node is formed at the intersection. One slider can be used as the drive line, and the other slider can be used as the detection line. When the current passes through one wire in the driving line, if there is a signal of capacitance change in the outside world, it will cause the change of the capacitance node on the other layer of wire. The change of the detected capacitance value can be measured by the electronic circuit connected to it, and then converted into a digital signal by the A/D controller to allow the computer to perform arithmetic processing to obtain the (X, Y) axis position, and then achieve the purpose of positioning.

Perfect Performance

Iterative Method

The product adopts the stacking method of metal grid GFF, the surface layer is glass, and the bottom is made of optical glue + Rx electrode and optical glue + Tx electrode.

The induction film adopts the most advanced metal grid technology to improve the transmittance and touch accuracy of the product. The signal line on the edge is a thin frame,It can be smoothly integrated in the non-effective area of glass.

The glass is made of chemically strengthened sodium calcium glass. The surface of the glass is made by spraying and etching. It has an anti-glare coating.Improves vision and reduces light reflections, with a black border around the glass.


Product Number



32 "

IC Solution




Total Thickness

2.45 ± 0.10mm



Cover Lens O.D.

738.40 * 432.83 ± 0.50mm

Active Area

700.40 * 394.85 ± 0.50mm

Surface Hardness




Excellent Physical Properties

High and low temperature test

The industry standard is: -30°C to +70°C, our Metal Mesh can reach -85°C to +85°C, and it can be used normally in extreme environments;

Environmental test: The test product functions normally at -80°C, 100°C (boiling water), and -235°C.

Cyclic bend test

Bending degree: from 0~90~180 degrees (cyclic bending), bending diameter: 4mm, 8mm;

After cycling 10k, 50k and 200k times, the resistance value of the display channel did not change.

Loop folding test

When the bending diameter is ≤4mm, and the bending angle is folded from 20 degrees to 180 degrees, the Metal Mesh metal mesh can be used normally, and the folding touch can be realized.

Compatible Solutions

Mainly compatible with SHARPDISPLAX and other schemes.

Supported Systems

It mainly supports Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi and other systems.

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